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Strapping banding is used to secure items for shipping or storage. There are many different types of products. Polypropylene strapping and polypropylene banding are suitable for securing lightweight bundles, boxes, cases, parcels and palletized loads. Often, polypropylene strap and polypropylene band are secured with hand tools such as tensioners, sealers, or friction welders. Machine strapping and banding for automatic equipment are also available. Steel strapping and steel banding are designed for heavier, palletized loads; plywood cases and wooden crates; and sharp-edged objects. Polyester strapping and polyester banding (PET strap) are comparable to some types of steel strap in terms of break strength, but they are cheaper and rust resistance. Stainless steel strapping and banding are also corrosion-resistant.

PP straps (strapping banding) application:
Strapping banding is used in a variety of applications. Hand-grade polypropylene strapping and banding are used in carton closure, bundling, and reinforcement applications. Machine-grade polypropylene is produced in a variety of core sizes to fit most automatic strapping machines. Polyester strapping and polyester banding provide excellent retained tension, superior recovery properties, and comply with requirements for bundling construction materials such as brick and lumber. Because of its resistance to ultraviolet (UV) light and weather, PET strap is also suitable for outdoor use in both hot and cold climates. Steel strapping and banding are more expensive than polyester, but provide outstanding strength. Stainless steel strapping and stainless steel banding are used in combination with stainless steel clips, but buckles may be used for light to medium-duty applications.

  • PP/PET Strap
  • Article number Dimension SleeveØ Roll length Tensile strength
    5047 5x0.47 200x190mm 7000m 52kg
    6055 6x0.55 200x190mm 4700m 40kg
    8045 8x0.45 200x190mm 4500m 80kg
    8045 8x0.45 200x190mm 4500m 60kg
    9050 9x0.50 200x190mm 4000m 85kg
    9055 9x0.55 200x190mm 3500m 70kg
    10055 10x0.55 200x190mm 2700m 110kg
    10065 10x0.65 200x190mm 2400m 135kg
    12055 12x0.55 200x190mm 2500m 120kg
    12063 12x0.63 200x190mm 2000m 135kg
    15090 15x0.90 200x190mm 1400m 150kg
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